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Do you want to race faster or become fitter or simply have a healthier lifestyle? The answer in two words is: specificity and consistency. These two factors alone will support your improved fitness, weight loss, overall enjoyment and longevity in your endurance sport activities.
Specificity: appropriate exercise type, volume and timing of training, recovery and rest.
Consistency: training over an extended period, injury free.


All race distances, ages, gender and performance levels catered for.
Personalise your training to your lifestyle.
Specific support to help you reach or surpass your goals. A wholistic approach so you achieve consist ongoing performance improvement and healthy lifestyle gains. "you are an experiment of one"

You provide the perspiration, we provide the inspiration, experience and expertise.
Training plans from $75.00. Personalised coaching from $60 per session.
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Benefits and Services

TNBcoaching.com provides the following products and services for all capability levels of endurance athletes;

~ Template training plans

Individualised training plans
~ Goal setting, race selection and strategy
~ One-on-one personalised coaching
~ Remote or distance coaching options
~ Integrated member training platform and App
~ Exercise video analysis and improvement
~ Training and race nutrition & hydration support
~ Inspiration to support your endurance journey


Movement mastery

Movement implores more movement. Movement is mastery. Keeping ourselves moving often is a prime directive for a healthy and fit body and brain. The movement, endurance, strength and speed continuum is not just an important concept of balance, of health and fitness, or of wellness, it’s really the essence of being a healthy human animal.

Quote: Dr Phil Maffetone

'chance favours the prepared mind and body'


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Every dollar you spend helps TNBcoaching.com support;

Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders & Cancer Research.

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