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Coaching: Training Plans

Every athlete is unique, whether a beginner to those more competitive. Every training plan has a specific, personalised purpose and tailored to suit your; lifestyle, capability, sport, race/s & goal/s. Triathlon Marathon Ironman Running.

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Individualised plans from $75.00

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Coaching: One-on-One

This level of support can be provided either remotely or in person. Can include personalised program development, race selection & strategy, sports analysis, assessments & practical improvement plan and much more.

Sessions from $60.00

Why Choose Us?

Our passion is your passion!

Our services are delivered and tailored to your requirements

Our personalised training plans are unique to your lifestyle

We believe in thoughtful and timely communication with our athletes

We help you with process and outcome-based goal setting

We provide action-oriented, practical and honest feedback

We have a holistic approach to achieving high performance outcomes


No-one Can Do It Alone

We understand athletes because we’re athletes ourselves. We know what it’s like to fit training and competing into your lifestyle.  We know how critically important it is for you to have balance in your life whilst improving your physical performance: working on your weaknesses until they become strengths, and building on your strengths until they become automatic. Endurance sport and triathlon coaching when YOU need it!

'chance favours the prepared mind and body'