MAF Heart Rate Calculator

Welcome to our MAF Heart Rate Calculator, inspired by Phil Maffetone's Method. This tool helps you identify your personalized Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) heart rate, crucial for optimized aerobic training. By understanding your MAF heart rate, you can enhance training efficiency, minimize injury risk, and boost endurance.

Phil Maffetone's Method, a respected approach in fitness, uses your age and fitness level to deduce your optimal MAF heart rate. Enter your age, resting heart rate, and other factors like recent illness or injury into our calculator to receive your unique MAF heart rate zone to guide your training.

Integrating MAF-based training into your regimen can fortify your aerobic foundation, refine running economy, and boost overall fitness. As you improve, reassessing your MAF heart rate ensures your training remains effective and challenging.

Our MAF Heart Rate Calculator is a valuable tool for runners, cyclists, and endurance athletes at all stages. Use Phil Maffetone's Method to optimize training, track progress, and unlock your full aerobic potential.

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